Chemisept VIR+ is ethanol-based colour and fragrance free hand antiseptic developed for professional use, suitable for any situations with high hygiene requirements. It is an effective solution for quick disinfection of the hands. Chemisept VIR+ has a broad fungicidal and bactericidal effect, being able to destroy Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria (incl. Mycobacterium terrae) and fungi. Deactivates all enveloped viruses (incl. HIV, HBV, HCV) and non-enveloped viruses (incl. Polio, Adeno, Noro). 

Chemisept VIR+ has been dermatologically tested to be suitable for both normal and sensitive skin. It contains emollients for skin-care and glycerine, which help rapidly restored the normal microflora, moisture balance and protective functions of the skin.

USAGE: Chemisept VIR+ is rubbed undiluted onto dry hands. Hands must be completely covered during the application time. Keep special attention to fingertips and thumbs.

Hygienic hand disinfection: Apply 3 ml onto previously washed and dried hands and rub until the hands are dry. Contact time is 30 seconds.

Surgical hand disinfection: Rub 3-6 ml onto hands and forearms twice. Contact time is 1,5 minutes. Both hands and forearms should be disinfected.

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