CHEMISEPT is an effective agent for quick disinfection of hands and skin in conditions with strict hygienic demands, where disifection is the most important prophylactic means of preventing infections. Chemisept has a broad fungicidal, bactericidal destroying Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria (including Tbc), viruses (including HBV, HIV, Adeno, Rota) and fungi.

Ingredients: Ethanol 85%, QAV 0.2, skin protecting ingredients.

Usage: Hygienic hand disinfection: Apply 3 ml of CHEMISEPT onto previously washed and dried hands and rub until the hands are dry. The time of effect is 30 seconds. Surgical hand disinfection: 3-6ml is rubbed into the hands twice during 1.5 minutes

Category: SKIN
Art: 65-811
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